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kapitan ketchup @ mitozoolandia

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kapitan ketchup @ mitozoolandia mi parte en la muestra conjunta con dgph era abarcar los mitos amazonicos tan ricos y llenos de imagenes para usar, me centre en los 10 que mas me gustaron y estos fueron los resultados. Amidst the lush forests and the sounds of animals, the ancient Peruvians who colonized the Amazon developed a unique way of seeing the world, and in order to explain it, they invented a series of myths and legends that now form part of their cultural tradition. It is not unusual to see the elderly people of the cities or villages sitting in front of the fire and conversing with the youngest people present or with tourists about those tales of incredible wild beasts, magic, and enchantments that might or might not be true. I put this myths on paper and this are the results.

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