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The Undertals Series

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We are witnessing the emergence of the most peculiar and fascinating creatures ever created in the ocean. The “Underthaals” reach the shores of a small and dry island in the ocean on a large leaf shaped like a bundle . Trying to discover their roots and understand how they came to this island, they begin their exploration with much curiosity, causing mayhem and excitement on the first day of their arrival. Or is it the first day of their lives? The purpose of creating the Undertals was to have a pre-production package to present to eventual investors and producers in order to establish a co-production opportunity and produce “The Undertals” as a television series. The first thing we did was to define the scope of the task and set some objectives, some of which were the following: • Target Group: we decided to aim for a rather wide audience group of ages 5 to 12 while still making the series accessible to other ages. • Target Quality: although the objective was to create a series for broadcast it needed to be on par with or have a better visual quality than some of the works seen in the international markets. • Feasible Project: while aiming for a high-quality visual we also had to design and plan for a very tight production schedule and high output that could create the necessary material in a tight deadline.

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