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The Lesser-Known Dumptys

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The Lesser-Known Dumptys. Archival Pen and Ink Drawings on 11"x14" Bristol Board.
  • The Lesser-Known Dumptys
    Humpty Dumpty's lesser known relatives.
  • While their cousin Humpty Dumpty was famous, these lesser known Dumptys achieved more by simply not falling apart; although some of them were clearly cracked in their pursuit of heights and widths. 

    All 8"x10" illustrations are in archival pen and ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board. 

  • First, This is Humpty Dumpty Himself, Unknowingly Playing His Farewell Sonata One Hour Prior To Sitting On The Wall. 8"x10" archival ink on 11"x14" Bristol board
  • Humptoro D2
  • Dainty Dumpty

  • Uppity Dumpty
  • Thinky Dumpty
  • Tatty Dumpty
  • Jumpy Dumpty
  • Eggalina
  • Bumpy Dumpty Who Successfuly Played Hide and Seek One Hundred Years Ago
  • Egghoven
  • Amy Egghouse
  • Dr. Trimegistas Toyt Eggotistus, The Egocentric Barber Turned Toy Maker Who Loves To Volunteer And Tell Everyone About Her Good Deeds.

  • Yum Nam Tad Poole
  • The Despicable, Demented, Dysfunctional, Degenerate Queen of Everything, The Empress Diapsida Squamata Eating Her Young While The Slimy Salmonella-ridden Dopehead and Pothead Actually Attempt To Discuss The Function Of The Integral Kernel Or Kernel Function Which In This Formula Is Illustrated By K And To Tell You Quite Frankly Only The Likes Of My Brother And My Sister, The Mathematicians, Will Comprehend.

  • A Surprise Lobotomy For Breakfast!

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