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  • Hybrid Project: Stickers
    © Jon Baker
  • Final project in Computer Illustration 1 class. For this project we had to hybridize a past project and touch it up digitally in Photoshop. For my project I just decided to do a series of three new pieces I was going to later turn into stickers.

    For my stickers I drew an orangutan riding a turtle, a panda on a snail, and a squirrel riding a beetle; and they are all have decorations and are throwing up gang signs!

    They all started a different way as well. The orangutan was drawn in pencil, the panda in Copic marker, and the squirrel in pen and Sharpe. After which I scanned them into Photoshop, did a layer masking technique, and rendered them until they were done. I was planning on turning them into stickers and then selling them as well.
  • Orangutan Pencil Drawing
  • Panda Marker Drawing
  • Squirrel Pen Drawing
  • Process: Silhouette to Color to Light and Shadow
  • Close-up Squirrel
  • Close-up Panda
  • Close-up Orangutan

    Next up Sticker Printing!

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