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Nothing too Loose. {Art Show}

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the opening reception of a 2 man art at nihon gallery in california featuring myself jason graham, and robert amador. december 2009.
Project Info
  • These are photos from a show I just finished with a very talented illustrator and painter, and one of my personal favorite artists, Robert Amador . The show was in Central California at Nihon gallery. I drove 700 miles in my 68 Volkswagen packed down with art, the car broke down 400 miles away from the show. I spent 3 days trying to fix it, and was barely able to make it the day of the show, hang the work, and pass out. It was worth it.

    These photos were taken by my friends:
    Terrance Reimer,
    Vicente Aello,
    Steve Ruppel. 
  • A few of my drawings.
  • Acrylic/Ink/Housepaint.
  • Pen and Ink.
  • some of Roberts drawings.
  • The opening reception.
  • opening reception.
  • My good friends and also one of my favorite bands, Wheels Of Fortune played the opening reception.
  • Rhino, by Robert.

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