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Nike AW77 - México

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Store Windows for Nike's new hoodie model AW77 in Mexico city and Guadalajara.
Project Info
  • Nike AW77 - México

    The AW77 is the new hoodie from Nike. Me and my fellows from the In Ghost We Trust studio (Mexico DF) have been charged to realize two store windows for Nike's shops, one in Mexico City and the other one in Guadalajara.
    I did the character design, the background and the set up, my brillant partners did all the rest.
    One of the challenges was to put real hoodies over my paintings, the Ghost's brains found an amazing tecnical solution, and i personaly find the result impresive, giving the exact sensation of depth and perspective that i tried to give to my characters.
    After two weeks of hard work, some painting nights in an hotel room and several tequilas, we're done!

    In Ghost We Trust and myself hope you enjoy it!
  • The original Sketch
  • The final Store Window
  • The Process

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