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Melo Chux - 2012

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Melo Chux, Mo Hashim's personal character design.
  • Melo Chux
    Mo Hashim's Personal Character Design
  • If you were following me on Dribbble or Flickr you probably noticed my black penguin teaser post for Melo Chux. The post was about revealing Melo Chux in 2012 and sharing my artworks and ideas about Melo that I have been creating since 2009. People can like Melo's Facebook fanpage to get the latest updates like artwork prints, t-shirts, desktop wallpapers and other stuff.
    Briefly, I created Melo Chux so that people will recognize me more online and also sharing my ideas and influences through Melo. Also one of the goals that I have for Melo is bring him to life by continuing my education and studying 3d animation in a well known school that teaches all fundamentals for character animation to create a short film animation. 

    Melo's Persona:
    A grumpy looking penguin but has a sweet heart and extremely stubborned when it comes to a challenge. One of Melo's tactics in fighting is chucking himself carelessly and bouncing all around like a plastic ball! and that's where his last name came from (Chux). One of the crazy things about Melo is his obsession of watermelon and it's the only way you can bribe him with! Also that's where his first name came from!

    Visit Melo's Facebook page for more details
  • The first time I created Melo was in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Recreating Melo in Photoshop and finalizing him and determining his body structure.
  • Rough sketches and ideas.
  • Dark Melo - Melo's Teaser.
  • Get Melo's desktop wallpapers and iphone and ipad wallpapers from Melo's Facebook Page.
  • Soon there will be an online store that will feature Melo's t-shirt designs by Mo Hashim.

    If you are interested into Melo Like his Facebook fan page to get the latest updates 
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