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Artwork: Ink & Gouache Drawings

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Ink & gouache drawings from my Molekine sketchbook.
  • Artwork: Ink & Gouache Drawings
    Personal work from my Moleskine sketchbooks
  • For my own amusement I developed a type of "trademark" figure for my artwork. The original character was a sort of denuded, armless homunculus in the form of a man with a bird's head. The bird head allowed for an indifferent facial expression, regardless of the situation the character found itself in. As the concept evolved, the figure eventually sprouted arms and began dressing in various costumes from historical periods or various occupations.

    WARNING: Contains some chaste nudity.
  • Birdtolt Brecht
  • Der Bulle (Cop)
  • Der Förster (Woodsman)
  • Wachtmeister mit Gentleman
  • Die Arbeit (Work)
  • Sick Day
  • Minnesota
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