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  • A L B U M

    Bicycle journeys

    We have a project:
    What does life feel like on a bicycle?
    Álbum is a release, the first issue of a magazine. The contents are a collective sample of texts, illustrations, photographs about the relationship we have with the bicycle during these global and digital times. It’s going to be a sentimental collection, a bricolage of impressions of riding a bike.

    We would like materialize this collection of introspective journeys onto paper, so you can keep it on your night table, take it to work, give it to someone special on their birthdays, take it with you when you’re riding your bike and read it at a park or a bar. You are going to like it whether you ride bicycles or just like them, art, design or magazines. Just like with a photograph or sticker álbum, here too, you can store and treasure our bicycle adventures.

    And we do this little film to ask people to help us to make our dream come true.

    Thank you, and enjoy!

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